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  • Energetika Třinec – replacement of old turbo-compressor


    The project scope covered design, removal of existing, install new and commission new electrical Turbo-Compressor with significant energy reductions increased efficiency leading to “Life Cycle” operational benefits. The project was run under a ‘Turn-Key’ basis.

  • PRECHEZA a.s. Přerov – Strengthening expedition of sulphuric acid


    The supply and installation of two vertical storage tanks (capacity of each 50 m3), pipeline, valves, pump and steel structure.
    Czech Republic / 2014 - 2015

  • Mondi Štětí a.s. – Green Liquor Handling Upgrade


    The construction of three different types of aboveground storage tanks (capacity 1500 m3 , 200 m3 and 140 m3 ) and manufacturing and supply tank 0.4 m3 . All tanks completely made of stainless steel. Including complete insulation and sheathing.

  • Mondi Štětí a.s. – Storage of light fuel oil 1300 m3


    The construction of new reservoir for light fuel oil (capacity 1300m3), including unloading system, pipelines and new system of measurement and control.

  • Lučební závody Draslovka a.s. Kolín


    Construction of a new warehouse ammonia. New building storage with three cylindrical tanks with a capacity of 95 m3 each, slop tank for unloading rail cisterns, bottom unloading arm, new pipelines, the new control room, ammonia leak detection, sprinkler system, new MaR and control system.

  • Heating plant PGE Kielce


    Design, delivery and recovery of electrical and automation control of technology at heating plant PGE Kielce.
    (This project was implemented by subsidiary AUTEL, a.s.)

  • DALKIA a.s. – Heat generation plant, Trebovice – Czech Republic


    Complete reconstruction of Plant for Chemical Treatment of Water (Wonderware).

  • Retize – SCADA system – Bulgaria


    SCADA system for a hydraulic power plant cascade control

  • Bobov Dol – Technology for sulphuric acid loading – Bulgaria


    Delivery of design and technology for sulphuric acid loading

  • TROLEX CZ s.r.o. – Monitoring – Czech Republic


    Monitoring of a power system for OKD.

  • IVO POWER / Teplarny Olomouc a.s. – Monitoring system – Czech Republic


    Monitoring of a coal storage yard for CO.

  • MCHZ Ostrava a.s. – Terminal – Czech Republic


    Delivery of amine terminal filling technologies.

  • Teplarny Otrokovice a.s. – Control system of a heat generation plant – Czech Republic


    Control system of an ash pipeline system.

  • OKD – Koksovna Ostrava – Control system of a coking plant – Czech Republic


    Project and delivery of MaR (Measurement and Regulation) and pressure control in assemblies of coking batteries.

  • Mine CSM a.s. – Control system of a heat generation plant – Czech Republic


    Control and dispatching system of a heat generation plant built in three stages as per the reconstruction of the individual boilers including monitoring and evaluation of in-plant energy distribution.

  • Teplarny Karvina a.s. – Monitoring – Czech Republic


    Monitoring, heat generation and power consumption control at a heat generation plant.