Water and waste water

VAE CONTROLS® delivers a complex telemetry control and monitoring system based on GEO SCADA SCX6 system with application superstructure designed by British company Serck Controls, member of Schneider – Electric group.

Modern SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) systems adopt all monitoring and control functions including decision-making processes. They fully replace routine control and leave the dispatchers with the option to supervise and intervene with the control whenever any operational needs arise.

The system GEO SCADA SCX6 communicates with RTUs (remote telemetry units) located at remote objects (pump and pressure reduction stations, reservoirs, potable and waste water plants) and as well with range of 3rd party systems – GIS, modelling, ERP, etc. It provides for the users extensive capability of events and alarms handling, reporting and wide range of built-it communication protocols. By experts as well as by users it is considered the optimum solutions for telemetry applications. It provides 100% server redundancy by its hot-standby functionality.

Our range of RTUs cover the complete spectrum of the needs of potable water and waste water networks operators. For bigger objects are designed the powerful expandable units Talus T4e, for smaller objects units TBox and for objects without power supply and for rough conditions (e.g. metering chambers) are dedicated the units telemasteRTU and PointOrange/Green. High level or reliability is reached by using pure telemetry communication protocols Proteus and DNP3.

For the control of water treatment plants and waste water plats we use brand-name powerful PLCs (Siemens, Schneider – Electric).

Our overall solution is modular and expandable both on level of GEO SCADA SCX6 and on level of RTUs. The system provides high level of protection against cyber threats. Based on the continuous development updated versions are regularly released which guarantee maximum level of protection.

  • GEO SCADA SCX6 - Water network monitoring system

    The system GEO SCADA SCX 6 supports flexible architecture for various systems ranging from several hundreds to hundreds of thousands of data points. It is based on standard industrial interfaces and protocols and has capability to communicate with wide range of devices and interfaces of different producers. It provides extraordinary level of protection against cyber threats. It is optimum solution for telemetry applications.

  • Waste Water Treatment Plant

    VAE CONTROLS designs, delivers and installs computer-assisted management systems of water treatment plants and sewage systems. The scope of our works includes a proportion of projects and deliveries of heavy current, MaR (Measurement and Regulation) and computer-assisted management systems.

  • Telemetry station Talus T4e

    Powerful compact telemetry station with wide communication abilities suitable for monitoring and control of water distribution and sewage networks, as wel as other distribution networks. Besides others includes also communication protocol Proteus.

  • Telemetry station T-BOX

    Compact telemetry station T-BOX is dedicated for use at smaller water and waster water objects. It is suitable for remote monitoring and control also at objects without grid power supply thanks to very low power consumption. The station has built-in 4G/LTE modem. It is designed for installation on DIN rail.

  • Telemetry station telemasteRTU

    Battery powered low-power telemetry station for data acquisition in locations without grid power supply.

  • Telemetry station TSPO3G

    Low-consumption battery powered RTU with IP68, programable inputs and outputs and GSM/GPRS/3G modem. Suitable for remote monitoring of objects and chambers without grid power supply.

  • Virtual GSM network

    We offer you the possibility of transmitting telemetry data through a virtual GSM network. The principle is that stations do not communicate directly with the control room, but with an access point GSM network, which operates operator T-Mobile. The data is then transmitted to the control center via a secure Internet connection.

  • Telemetry station TSX24

    Extraordinary popular RTU TSX24 is not in production any more. It was replaced by powerful expandable unit Talus T4e.

  • CFI Inverter

    The CFI Inverter has been designed to invert impulse signals to 4 to 20mA current signals. The inverter may be typically used in switching impulse output from a flow scanner or a rotation sensor . The purpose for which the CFI 1 inverter is used lies in the possibility to use standard input circuits of telemetric stations or programmable automatic devices, which allow for the processing of current rather than impulse signals.