• Dotace TAMAS

    EU funding project: New generation of control system for fuels distribution. Main target: Automation of fuel distribution including cyber security, operation security and environmental protection

  • Dotace TAMAS II

    EU funding project: Development of external modules TAMAS II. Project includes development of 2 new devices with integrated SW – virtual metrology printer and OPC UA server for metering units AccuLoad and Microload and as well development of biometric voice authentication and integration to system TAMAS 6. Elaborated in co-operation with VSB – Technical University Ostrava.

  • Dotace VR

    EU funding project: Virtual and augmented reality in petrochemistry. The project deals with R&D for the creation of three software modules for fuel storage control system contributing to the protection of life, health and property in explosion hazardous environment and for improvement of environmental protection in the Oil&Gas industry.