VAE CONTROLS dostarcza przemysłowe systemy sterowania oraz powiązane z nimi urządzenia działające pod wysokim i niskim napięciem a także zapewnia wszelkie inżynieryjne i projektowe usługi, serwis gwarancyjny i pogwarancyjny w dziedzinie sterowania sieci wodociągowych, oczyszczalni i stacji uzdatniania wody, terminali i magazynów substancji ropopochodnych.
Risk Assessment - Consulting Services

VAE CONTROLS as a global engineering and consulting company, provides and supports its engineering  capabilities with key additional services specially targeted to meet legislation and customers needs by organising Training workshops specially focusing on 'Cost Optimisation' / 'Best Practices' development, Capex vs Opex evaluations, Safety (including HAZOP/FEED) , Risk Assessment, Metrology, Working practices and Procedures, Permitting and Fire/Security protection survey assessment and testing. 

The services are developed in conjunction with a highly skilled and experienced team in VAE by Nigel H Jones , who has been in the energy sector engineering and safety for over 40 years and has developed many working papers and practices used in the Industry , carrying his ethos into a 'Top Down - Bottom up Continuos Improvement' process with people that work on the 'coal face' daily to share and offer real practical experience and benefits for you the customer. Nigel a keen advocate that, Engineering & Engineering Design-Safety-Operation's & Operational Performance, combined with the 'Human element' are irrevocably linked & need the right leadership mind-set and support through training, continuos improvement process throughout the business life cycle.

Usługi inżynieryjne
Konsultacje, badania możliwości wykonania, analiza finansowa, koncepcja automatyzacji sterowania, planowanie budowy, analizy bezpieczeństwa, szczegółowe dane techniczne, symulacje, wyliczenia hydrauliczne, programowanie, koordynacja, nadzór, testowanie, kalibracja...
Biogas plants

We provide design and construction of biogas plants for processing of agricultural and municipal wastes in the form of turnkey projects. Our solutions are tailored to your own needs. We have supplied the station take into account local production capabilities, thrifty to the environment and do not have a negative impact on the population.