Energetika Třinec - replacement of old turbo-compressor | 2019
The project scope covered design, removal of existing, install new and commission new electrical Turbo-Compressor with significant energy reductions increased efficiency leading to “Life Cycle” operational benefits. The project was run under a ‘Turn-Key’ basis.
Construction of liquid storage in a new car production plant, Slovakia | 2018
Construction of a warehouse for operating fluids and piping into the assembly hall of the new Jaguar Land Rover production plant. The scope included construction of a liquid storage facility with 9 tanks for products and 1 tank for slop. The stored and pumped substances are: petrol, diesel arctic, diesel summer, brake fluid, screen wash, refrigerant R134A, AD BLUE, antifreeze, refrigerant R1234YF.
PRECHEZA a.s. Přerov – Strengthening expedition of sulphuric acid | 2015

Czech Republic / 2014 - 2015

The supply and installation of two vertical storage tanks (capacity of each 50 m3), pipeline, valves, pump and steel structure. 

Mondi Štětí a.s. - Green Liquor Handling Upgrade | 2014

The construction of three different types of aboveground storage tanks (capacity 1500 m3, 200 m3 and 140 m3) and manufacturing and supply tank 0.4 m3. All tanks completely made of stainless steel. Including complete insulation and sheathing. 

Heating plant PGE Kielce | 2013

Design, delivery and recovery of electrical and automation control of technology at heating plant PGE Kielce.

(This project was implemented by subsidiary AUTEL, a.s.)

Lučební závody Draslovka a.s. Kolín | 2013

Construction of a new warehouse ammonia. New building storage with three cylindrical tanks with a capacity of 95 m3 each, slop tank for unloading rail cisterns, bottom unloading arm, new pipelines, the new control room, ammonia leak detection, sprinkler system, new MaR and control system.  

Mondi Štětí a.s. – Storage of light fuel oil 1300 m3 | 2013

The construction of new reservoir for light fuel oil (capacity 1300m3), including unloading system, pipelines and new system of measurement and control.


DALKIA a.s. - Heat generation plant, Trebovice - Czech Republic | 2007

Complete reconstruction of Plant for Chemical Treatment of Water (Wonderware).

Bobov Dol - Technology for sulphuric acid loading - Bulgaria | 2005
Delivery of design and technology for sulphuric acid loading
Retize - SCADA system - Bulgaria | 2005
SCADA system for a hydraulic power plant cascade control
TROLEX CZ s.r.o. - Monitoring - Czech Republic | 1999

Monitoring of a power system for OKD.

IVO POWER / Teplarny Olomouc a.s. - Monitoring system - Czech Republic | 1998

Monitoring of a coal storage yard for CO.

MCHZ Ostrava a.s. - Terminal - Czech Republic | 1996

Delivery of amine terminal filling technologies.

Mine CSM a.s. - Control system of a heat generation plant - Czech Republic | 1995

Control and dispatching system of a heat generation plant built in three stages as per the reconstruction of the individual boilers including monitoring and evaluation of in-plant energy distribution.

OKD - Koksovna Ostrava - Control system of a coking plant - Czech Republic | 1995

Project and delivery of MaR (Measurement and Regulation) and pressure control in assemblies of coking batteries.

Teplarny Otrokovice a.s. - Control system of a heat generation plant - Czech Republic | 1995

Control system of an ash pipeline system.

Teplarny Karvina a.s. - Monitoring - Czech Republic | 1994

Monitoring, heat generation and power consumption control at a heat generation plant.