On 24 September 2010 the cooperation between the companies BPS Projekt CZ and Agraferm Technologies AG was deepened by the conclusion of a contract. With this contract BPS Projekt CZ has acquired access to innovative patent technologies of agricultural and waste biogas stations and Agraferm Technologies AG has acquired an exclusive partner for Eastern European markets (the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland,…). With this footstep Agraferm Technologies AG has become one of the most significant partners in the VAE CONTROLS Group a.s.
BPS PROJECT CZ is a new member of the VAE CONTROLS Group. The company provides design and construction of biogas plants for processing agricultural and municipal waste turnkey. Visit the website:
From January 21st 2009, we have an integrated policy of quality and environmental protection. Policy and strategy of the company is increasing customer satisfaction with our services. Introducing quality management systems have the purpose of enhancing the credibility and prestige of our company are important for attracting new customers and orders.
With the participation of the representatives of Slezská Ostrava city district and by other significant guests a new residence of VAE CONTROLS was opened. The new building is situated close to the original residence. Postal address of the company remains the same. Video on YouTube: 
Company VAE CONTROLS have realized a capital share in the ELCOM Inc. - now ELVAC Inc.
Company VAE CONTROLS is listed in part "Presentation of top notch technology" in publication "Technical advancement in the Moravian-Silesian region". We are accompanied by the most significant companies from this region, for example Vitkovice, ArcelorMittal, Biocel, TietoEnator, BorsodChem MCHZ, etc.
VAE Controls now owns a trademark of  the name VAE CONTROLS ® and also a trademark of our product called TAMAS ®. Intellectual Property Office issued certificates on 12.5.2008.
VAE CONTROLS expanded and established a subsidiary company VAEQUIMIPAC in the South America / Ecuador. Company will be provide services for Interaqua company.
During the check-up of the additive dosing system in Orlen Wroclaw fuel storage on 10/18/2007, the verification of accuracy in the test mode has been made. The tests repeatedly confirmed near-zero error of the dosing. The snapshot was taken just after the test before the foam had vanished. The excellent results of EVA5 are possible due to the accurate flow meter which is equipped with a double-pulse output as well as a proportional control of the flow rate.

Terminal Ningbo, China

29. 12. 2006
We delivered basic design of truck loading terminal, EVA 6 dosing units, loading arms and additive pump station.