Presenter [1]: ing. R. Hromadka/VAE CONTROLS - "Water treatment plants and planning of control systems" and presenters [2]: ing. O. Hladky /VAE CONTROLS, ing. V. Langer (VHOS Moravska Trebova) - "Control systems in activation water treatment plants"
The 10- th professional seminar VAE CONTROLS "Control technology in water supply industry 2004" was take place in the premises of Vodarenska akciova spolecnost, a.s. Brno - Lesna, 156 Sobesicka Street. The seminar was take place on Thursday, 22nd April, 2004, 0930 - 1430.
Participation in a water supply conference in Zlin. Presenter: Ing. Radovan Hromadka - "Computer-assisted control system designing".
Presenter: Ing. Oldrich Hladky /VAE CONTROLS and Ing. Radovan Hromadka /VAE CONTROLS - "Use and role of water supply dispathing centre".
Presenter: Ing. Oldrich Hladky /VAE CONTROLS - "Use of dispatching centres in reducing water losses".
Conference topic: "Reconstruction of sewage networks and water treatment plants". Presenter: Ing. Oldrich Hladky /VAE CONTROLS - "Role of computer-assisted control systems in reconstructions of water treatment plant sewage systems".
Presenter: Ing. Oldrich Hladky /VAE CONTROLS - "Computer-assisted control systems in the operation of water treatment plants".
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